The Only Summer Hair Hack You Need to Know

Salt water hair, don't care.

June 08, 2018
By: Kristine Boyd

When we imagine summer hair we picture flowy, beachy waves that form effortlessly when we hop out of the ocean. For many of us, reality sets in when we get out of the water and we can hardly run our fingers through our hair. Salt water and chlorine can turn our luscious locks into dry, tangled disasters. Most women will avoid getting in the water for this exact reason. But luckily for you we have a hair hack that you will use all summer long.

This legendary hair hack can be done with virtually no effort and will save you from many hair disasters to come. The secret is to apply coconut oil in your hair before heading to the pool or beach. Applying coconut oil will not only hydrate your hair as you soak up the sun, but it will provide a barrier to chlorine and salt water. This barrier makes it extremely easy for you to comb out your hair once you're out of the water.

Coconut oil is the holy grail of all hair products because it's easily accessible, it's all natural, and it has multiple uses. After applying it to your hair, you can take the remaining oil on your hands and apply it to your skin! You can even mix in a teaspoon into your sunscreen to add a hydrating boost. The possibilities are endless for coconut oil when it comes to all your summer beauty needs.

Instead of playing tug-of-war with your hair and brush, take a few minutes to try out this hair hack. You can even leave a small amount of conditioner in your hair from your previous shower to help create more moisture. Your hair may appear slightly greasy, but once you are in the water, it will feel like you just got out of the shower!

We highly recommend you try out coconut oil the next time you head to the pool or beach! For more easy hairstyles watch TLCme's beauty vlogger, Claire Ashley!

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