7 Tips for Styling Curly Haired Kids

posted: 03/09/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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  • Keep those curls in place.
    Keep those curls in place.
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    Hair Maintenance 101

    If you have a kid with curly hair, you know their gorgeous locks take a lot of work. While daily washing, drying, and styling works for your hair, it may damage their precious curls. So try these curly haired kid styling tips to keep those curls bouncy, coiled, and tangle-free.

  • Shampooing too often will dry out hair.
    Shampooing too often will dry out hair.
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    Just Say NO to Shampoo

    Curly kids need lots of moisture in their hair and most shampoos, even moisturizing shampoos, dry out their hair. When bathing, only use a moisturizing conditioner and skip the shampoo. Try shampooing just once a week for bouncy curls.

  • Towels are a no-no.
    Towels are a no-no.
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    Throw in the Towel

    Keep those fluffy bath towels away from curly hair! Since curly hair is so fragile, a regular towel is too heavy for curls and causes a lot of frizz. Instead, grab an old t-shirt and lightly dry their hair with it.

  • Invest in the right brush.
    Invest in the right brush.
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    Tools of the Trade

    Detangling can cause lots of tears. Ouch! Ditch the regular brush and only use brushes designed for curly hair, like the Wet Brush or a wide tooth comb.

  • Start from the bottom.
    Start from the bottom.
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    Bottoms Up

    Only detangle from the bottom and never start at the roots! This causes damage and frizz plus it just hurts! Instead, pile the hair on top of your child’s hair with a clip and work in smalls sections. Working an inch or two from the bottom of the hair near the neck, detangle with your fingers or the Wet Brush. Then move up a few inches and so on. As you finish each section, wrap the hair around your finger to help the curls bounce back.

  • Look for elastic hair ties.
    Look for elastic hair ties.
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    Updo Safety

    Only use ribbon elastics for ponytails and braids. These will cause minimal damage and won’t get tangled in curly hair like regular hair elastics and rubber bands.

  • A diffuser is your best friend.
    A diffuser is your best friend.
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    Morning Bounce Back

    Using a spray bottle with water and conditioner, wet the hair. Grab small sections and wrap the hair in a spiral motion. This helps hair to bounce back and regain its shape. Air dry wet hair as much as possible, but if you’re in a hurry or for a little extra volume, flip hair upside down, use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment (never without!) until hair is 80% dry. Too much heat is a no-no for curly hair.

  • Let conditioner sit for awhile.
    Let conditioner sit for awhile.
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    Coiled Care

    Deep condition once a week, but there’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive treatments. Lather up the conditioner on their hair, put a shower cap on, and let your curly kid play in the tub while those curls get that much needed moisture.