The Internet is Obsessed with These Weighted Knit Blankets

Your kids will love this ultra cozy pick from Bearaby!

March 09, 2023

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Getting kids to go to sleep can be a challenge for many parents. They want to stay up to play, eat, be on their devices and socialize. But it’s no secret that getting their recommended hours of sleep in is essential to their development. A good night’s sleep promises improved learning, memory and behavior, as well as generally better health and — for the parents — a moment of peace. If you’re craving those extra hours alone with the added benefit of your kids getting what they need, Bearaby has the answer.

Bearaby’s Napper quickly caught the attention of editors at Vogue, Forbes, Bloomberg and more, and the reason why is obvious! Unlike other weighted blankets that can appear clunky and mostly come in dismal dark shades, the Napper is a beautifully knit blanket that carries its weight in its heavy cotton instead of synthetic products.

Now, kids can get in on the sleep magic with the Napper’s baby, the Nappling! Designed for kids ages 4-14, the Nappling will cocoon your kids in a warm hug that’ll have them dozing off to dreamland. It’s made from 100-percent organic cotton and steers clear of irritating fibers and synthetic beads. The breathable wrap is the only all-natural and filter-free weighted blanket available, which both parents and Mother Earth love!

Blanket in Midnight Blue

Blanket in Midnight Blue

Blanket in Moonstone Grey

Blanket in Moonstone Grey

The design is both beautiful and simple, meaning the Nappling will easily complement your decor. It even comes in four colors to choose from including midnight blue, moonstone grey, evening rose and confetti.

Blanket in Evening Rose

Blanket in Evening Rose

Blanket in Confetti

Blanket in Confetti

This will be eight pounds of coziness that your youngsters will want to carry to every room for comfort on demand.


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