Hilarious School Drop-Off Video Has Every Parent LOLing

Too funny!

August 28, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

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Back to school also means parents getting back into the drop-off line as they shuttle their kids to and from their school day. If you have ever spent some time in a drop-off line, you know things can get a little hairy. From parents that don't follow the all-important "pull forward" rule to the kids that linger a little too long getting out of the car, the stress of drop-off can make you dive head first into your second cup of coffee.

One mom who shares the stress and frustration of the drop-off line has created a hilarious video that has parents LOLing as she drops the truth about all the things you think while you patiently---or not so patiently waiting in your car.

Susannah B. Lewis, the writer behind the blog Whoa Susannah created the now viral video entitled "Drop Off Woes for My Moms Who Clearly Aren't Morning People." With quips like "We been at school a week and she is STILL taking pictures of him. Oh, my lawd," it's no wonder the video has already been viewed over 12 million times.

Well, I've only been awake for seven minutes," she says while sitting in her car. "Look at this one right here, tangled up in the seat belt. Hey, this ain't Days of Thunder, they could have unstrapped way back there. We're not rolling through here 75 miles an hour."

Maybe the most relatable part of the video is when she yells "PULL UP TO THE CONE," out of the car window. Nothing can ruin a drop-off like someone not pulling up the cone before letting their kid out of the car.

But of course when it's time to let her kids out, Lewis sweetly tells her little ones that she loves them and to have great day--all before driving off and listening to a few tunes as she unwinds from the stress of the morning. This is of course when we all say SAME, Susannah. Same!

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