All-Natural Cleaner Beats Common Household Bleach

Skip the bleach, try these out instead!

October 01, 2018
By: Kristine Boyd

Most of us use common cleaners like peroxide and bleach to clean our homes. These may seem like great options because they kill bacteria and keep our houses cle an. But what a lot of people don’t know is that breathing in these chemicals on a daily basis can affect our bodies in ways we never notice.

Toxins and added chemicals commonly cause hormone imbalances, affect our nervous system, and cause a myriad of other issues to our bodily functions. They can cause issues with our respiratory and immune health which is something we need to focus on as we enter cold and flu season.

You may be asking yourself, “if I can’t use bleach, what do I use?”

Certain essential oils have powerful antibacterial properties that actually beat common household cleaners. One mom was on a mission to prove the power of these oils when she conducted an at-home science experiment.

She swabbed the bottom of her shoes and grew that bacteria in a Petri dish. She applied bleach, peroxide and essential oils on separate dishes to see which one worked the best.

Essential oils came out the winner in this battle. The best part about this is that most quality grade essential oil cleaners are safe for your family. You can breathe them in, get them on your skin, and even ingest them and no long-term harmful effects will occur. Can you say the same for your household cleaner?

This is a great option for cleaners if you have children or pets because you can feel good knowing that you are using safe products that actually work. You can slowly work towards having a less toxic home and watch how this affects your health!

To learn more about essential oils check out this beginner’s guide!

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