Elizabeth & Andrei's Family Is Growing!

Another 90 Day Fiance baby! Watch the couple’s adorable announcement here.

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Elizabeth and Andrei Are Expecting Baby #2!
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Congratulations are in order! Elizabeth and Andrei are expecting their second child together and they couldn’t be any happier. The couple shared their excitement as well as the inside scoop on their future bundle of joy.

The couple gushed, "We’re so pleased to announce that we are expecting baby Castravet #2! Ellie cannot wait to be a big sister and help take care of her baby sibling! We’re thrilled to have you along this journey with us and we thank you for all of your love and support!"

Photo by: Courtesy of Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet

Courtesy of Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet

The couple recently celebrated daughter Eleanor’s third birthday on January 23. According to Elizabeth and Andrei, Ellie is definitely pumped to take on the big sister role when her little brother or sister arrives. It’ll be so cute seeing the Castravet kids grow up together, having all sorts of adventures.

Photo by: Courtesy of Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet

Courtesy of Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet

Best wishes to this soon-to-be family of four! Watch the 90 Day Fiance couple share their big news in the video above.


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