Ouch! Pregnant Jessica Simpson Asks Fans for Advice for her Swollen Feet

Moms, any tips?

By: Amanda Mushro

With pregnancy comes strange and uncomfortable side effects, from morning sickness to food aversions to random dizzy spells. While she usually looks effortlessly glamorous, Jessica Simpson is getting real about the not-so-pretty side of pregnancy. While sharing her latest pregnancy side effect with her followers on Instagram, Simpson asked her fans to give their tips to relieve her super-swollen pregnant feet.

“Any remedies?! Help!!!!” she wrote alongside a photo of her feet that look painfully swollen. Ouch, this just looks so uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure walking is almost impossible with feet that swollen.

Right away her followers offered up tips that include hydrating, putting your feet up, staying away from salty foods, and even urging Simpson to call her doctor. While some swelling in your hands and feet is normal during pregnancy, it can also be a sign of something much more serious, like preeclampsia which can be dangerous for mom and baby.

The mom-of-two and husband Eric Johnson shared the news of baby number three with the world back in September. The couple has revealed their bundle of joy will be a little girl and will join six-year-old daughter Maxwell and five-year-old son Ace as part of the Simpson-Johnson family.

While Simpson hasn’t revealed her due date, hopefully she will welcome her little girl soon so her feet can get back to their normal size. Until then, put those feet up, Mama, and take a break. You deserve it!

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