Police Officer Had the Best Reaction When He Was Called To Respond To A Mom Breastfeeding On the Beach

This is the only response there should be.

August 15, 2018
By: TLCme

As we know, breastfeeding is legal in all 50 states, but not everyone has gotten that memo. Not only is it legal but it's a natural occurrence that has been happening since the dawn of time between mother and child. Michelle Ayala, a New Jersey mom and mother of 3 (ages 8, 7 and 2) was shamed and humiliated when she started to breastfeed her child on the beach -- and the police were even called.

As reported by New 4 New York, Ayala was at Franklin Pond in Sussex County, New Jersey for a day of fun in the sun, the beachfront is new and in the hot summer hear Ayala and her family were excited for some heat relief. As Ayala started nursing her daughter a park official came over and stated "I see what you're doing there," (e.g. this park official saw that Ayala was providing nourishment for her baby). The park official, Donna Vreeland then asked her to do it somewhere else. To which Ayala explained calmly that she knows her rights and can breastfeed wherever she wants. At this point Vreeland got bothered and harsh saying that people on the beach would be offended, Ayala said, "I'm going to stay here and nurse."

Vreeland then tells Ayala she is going to call the cops on her, which she proceeds to do. Ayala told News 4 that when police arrived the officer, Nick Della Fera was extremely apologetic and said "I support you completely. Thank you for your time and patience, these are your rights and are you ok?"

In the video above Ayala states that she's not on a "crusade" and is rather just trying to support women who need to feed their child, and we couldn't support that enough.

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