Here’s Why February Babies Are Special, According to Science

February babies, this one’s for you.

By: Amanda Mushro
3 month old baby with teddy bear hat and t-shirt photographed with red hearts


3 month old baby with teddy bear hat and t-shirt photographed with red hearts

Photo by: Pavlina Popovska

Pavlina Popovska

It may be the shortest month of the year, but being born in February basically guarantees you’ll be pretty rad. Now I may be biased considering I’ll blow out my birthday candles this month too, but I actually have science to back me up that February babies are pretty special. Here are six reasons why February babies are extra special.

1. If you were born in February, there’s a good chance you are tall. According to a study from Harvard, babies born in February were both taller and stronger than babies born in other months. Researchers found this was still true at age seven; however, there were some differing opinions if this carried on to adulthood. February babies also weighed more at birth and scientists believe this was due to a mother’s increased eating during winter months.

2. Not trying to brag, but the same study also found that winter babies tend to do better on intelligence tests. However, we already knew this about you, February baby.

3. If you are celebrating your birthday this month, you are more likely to be artistic. According to one study, the month you were born can play a role in your career path, and found that many artists were born in February. So whether you find your artistic side with painting, performing, or creating awesome content, your birthday may be your inspiration.

4. February babies tend to be happier. Even though they are born in the middle of winter and may have to compete with gray skies and cold weather, one study found that babies born in the winter are more content and well-behaved. Other studies found that people born in February say they are happy with life and their career choice.

5. You are more likely to be famous if you celebrate your birthday in February. According to a study published in the Journal of Social Sciences, those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are more likely to be celebrities. Fellow February Aquarius babies like Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, and Chris Rock are just a few celebrities that share your sign and birth month.

6. Your birthday is pretty special because fewer babies are born during the month of February. That just means you don’t have to share the spotlight on your birthday and we can celebrate just how wonderful and special you truly are, February baby.

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