This News Anchor Shows Off His Makeup Skills in a Hilarious Video

There is a brand new makeup guru whose hilarious "makeup tutorial" has made him the newest and most unsuspecting makeup sensation.

February 21, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

If you love watching makeup videos from our TLCme Vlogger Claire Ashley as much as we do, you know that she has some serious contouring skills. However, there is a brand new makeup guru whose hilarious "makeup tutorial" has made him the newest and most unsuspecting makeup sensation.

Before news anchors can read the latest headlines on camera, they need to put on a lot of makeup. The bright lights in the studio are not very forgiving, and it's not just the female reporters that have to break out the full coverage foundation--the men do as well. Bob Herzog who is a news anchor in Cincinnati knows that putting on a full face of makeup is part of the job, but when he turned his makeup routine into a hilarious video, it quickly went viral.

The 43-year-old "Good Morning Cincinnati" anchor and has been posting "Wake up and makeup!" videos on his Facebook page since last year. However, it was his latest video where he created a makeup tutorial and he talks about foundation, concealer, and blending that has the internet laughing and loving his makeup routine.

Even though he has to apply makeup daily, his response to the entire process sounds a lot like me while applying makeup. "This, as I understand, is called concealer," he explained. "It is for concealing things, like the ridiculous circles under my eyes. I can't fill in the divets in my forehead; they are far too deep."

When it was time to blend, Bob expertly explains his methods. "I know what you're thinking: 'Bob, that is a ridiculous amount of stuff on your face.' You're right." With just a few minutes before he has to go on air, he finally blends his foundation saying, "I blend like I'm angry at my skin. Violently blend like you're ashamed of your face. You hate it, you hate it, and now you love it."

While Bob says he is just going to stick to reporting the news, we think he should expand his makeup skills or at least put makeup vlogger on his resume.

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