Labor Day Sales–Here’s What to Buy and What to Skip

Labor Day can help you save big bucks if you buy the right things.

By: Amanda Mushro
Stylish red head millennial wearing a hat going shopping inside of a mall


Stylish red head millennial wearing a hat going shopping inside of a mall

Photo by: Westend61


Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to soak up the sun and enjoy the last bit of summer. However, if you can pull yourself away from the picnics and the pool, this holiday weekend is also the time to do some serious shopping because retailers begin discounting many of their items to prepare for the holiday shopping season.

With so many stores offering sale items that seem like a great bargain, it’s hard to know if you are really getting a good deal. So, before you grab your wallet for a little retail therapy, here are the items you should grab now and the ones you can skip.

Buy: Mattresses

Savvy shoppers will tell you to never pay full price for a mattress, and that long holiday weekend sales are the time to grab these big-ticket items. Look for sales that offer free delivery or add on items like mattress pads and covers.

Skip: Electronics

Hoping to snag a new phone or tablet? Experts say now is not the time. While you may find some great deals, you’ll find deeper discounts during Black Friday sales. Wait a few months and you can upgrade your electronics while saving cash.

Buy: Appliances

Newer models of appliances start coming out in September. This means the older models of washers, dryers, dishwashers and ovens will be deeply discounted in September and October—so if you're in the market, Labor Day is a great time to shop.

Skip: Fall Décor

It can be tempting to grab festive fall décor for your house, but if you wait just a few weeks, you’ll save a lot more money. The same goes for Halloween costumes and candy.

Buy: Outdoor Furniture and Entertainment

Grab outdoor entertaining staples like tables, chairs, umbrellas and rugs—then stash them for next summer. Same goes for items like grills and outdoor fire pits. All of these items will be deeply discounted because retailers need the space for seasonal products. Labor Day is also a great time to save big on camping, boating and water sports commodities.

Skip: Toys

Those sale prices on toys can be tempting, but you’ll see even bigger deals closer to Black Friday and the holiday season.

Buy: Cars

Expect new models of cars and SUVs to roll out in September. Car dealers will be looking to move the old inventory out over Labor Day.

Skip: Fall Clothes

If you want to update your wardrobe with some fall staples, wait until the end of September or the beginning of October—that's when you’ll find fall clothing discounted in most stores.

Happy shopping!

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