Everything You’ll Need to Make the Teeth Brushing Battle Easier

From babies to big kids, make brushing twice a day a breeze.

October 05, 2021
By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo series of a young mother with a child doing different chores at home. Shot in Berlin.


Photo series of a young mother with a child doing different chores at home. Shot in Berlin.

Photo by: visualspace


You want to make sure your kids' pearly whites stay clean and cavity-free. However, if the mention of brushing sends your little one running or locking their lips, you may need a few new ideas on how to get their teeth brushed and the daily battles at bay. From their first tooth to when they start losing their baby teeth, here are five ways to make brushing toddlers' and big kids' teeth easier on you and on them.

Routine, routine, routine: Just like everything else in their little lives, routine helps kids understand what comes next and helps them adjust. Start a brand new teeth-brushing routine that your little one understand:

  • Set the time. Right after bath time or before it’s time to read, establish what time brushing will happen and stick to it.
  • Give them a warning that brushing is going to happen soon
  • Sing a song while they brush. It’s silly and fun and will help with the routine.
  • Cheer when they brush and stay calm if the brushing doesn't go well.

Change up the toothpaste: Children two and under only need a rice-sized amount of toothpaste and for three and over, kids only need a pea-sized amount. So if you’ve been slathering on the toothpaste, cutting back may help. Also, toothpaste flavors could be the reason your little one is fighting brushing. So try changing up their toothpaste but look for the following:

  • ADA approved- this means dentists give the toothpaste thumbs up
  • Safe to swallow-since most of the toothpaste will be swallowed, choose one that doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients
  • A flavor your child will like- You may need to try a few different flavors but when you find the right one, it can be a game-changer.

Upgrade their toothbrush: While a regular toothbrush will get the job done, a toothbrush upgrade may help. For younger kids, it can be as simple as grabbing a toothbrush that features their favorite characters or a fun electric toothbrush that covers more teeth and cleans better. For toddlers, a triple angle toothbrush can make getting all sides of their teeth easier and in half the time.

Model Brushing: While you’ll want to help your kids under the age of eight brush, if they are giving you pushback on brushing, modeling how to brush and floss can help. Whether it is you brushing your teeth next to your kids or you let them practice brushing on a favorite teddy bear or toy, modeling makes brushing seem less scary and makes something that kids can expect will happen every day.

Set Up a Reward System: From a sticker to an extra book at bedtime, a simple reward system can help motivate little ones to keep up with brushing. If you have been wanting to try responsibility charts, now is a great time to include brushing and other bedtime routines.


This training toothpaste is fluoride free and designed for children two and under. Reviers say their little ones like the flavor and seeing Elmo in the tube.


The natural strawberry flavor in this toothpaste can entice your little one to brush. It’s safe to swallow and free from any harsh chemicals.


With flavors like grape, blueberry and strawberry, Tom’s has become a favorite toothpaste of kids and parents. Flavors that kids love and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.


If your toddler is clamping down during brushing and you aren’t able to brush their teeth, this triple-angle toothbrush can help. The unique design hugs the teeth so you are able to clean all sides of their teeth at the same time. The soft and gentle brush is designed for children ages two and up.


Designed for kids ages three and up, this electric toothbrush is super kid friendly with an automatic timer so kids know just how long to brush and super soft brush heads that won’t irritate kids teeth and gums.


Let kids practice brushing and flossing the dragon's teeth before caring for their own teeth. Designed by dentists, this Dragon can help kids learn why brushing is so important.


Everyone’s favorite monster Elmo needs help getting his teeth brushed. Through songs and imaginative play, kids will love brushing Elmo’s teeth.


Help kids establish healthy habits at night with this reward chart. Choose which tasks you want kids to complete and add them to the chart. You can change, add, and take off tasks and chores every week.


What kid doesn’t love stickers? These clean teeth stickers are the perfect reward for a job well done.

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