The Family Chantel Episodes

S5 E1 11/6/23

Two Households, Both Alike

Chantel and Pedro attempt to move on as their divorce comes to a close.
S5 E2 11/13/23

A Madness Most Discrete

Pedro discovers that his mother's love life is more dramatic than his own.
S5 E3 11/20/23

A Rose by Any Other Name

Karen's private investigator confirms Chantel's suspicions about Pedro.
S5 E4 11/27/23

Fortune's Fool

Chantel goes on her first date in years, and Pedro meets Lidia's boyfriend.
S5 E5 12/4/23

A Plague on Both Your Houses

Chantel meets up with an old friend who knows a lot about Pedro's past.
S5 E6 12/11/23

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Chantel heads to the Dominican Republic to confront Pedro and his family.

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