Love & Translation Episodes

S1 E1 1/20/24

You Had Me at Bonjour

Three American men test if love can break through the language barrier.
S1 E2 1/22/24

Liebe Is a Battlefield

The men and three special women head out on an adrenaline-packed date.
S1 E3 2/3/24

Amore Is Blind

The men and women smell each other's pheromones while blindfolded.
S1 E4 2/10/24

Tres Is a Crowd

Gisele erupts in anger after Tripp displays feelings for someone else.
S1 E5 2/17/24

Amor Song

A test to see if tone of voice can convey meaning goes awry.
S1 E6 2/24/24

Francais Kiss

Three women consider leaving, and Sangita presents a kissing challenge.

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