Love & Translation Host Sangita Patel Dishes on TLC's 'Wild Ride of a Social Experiment'

Exciting challenges, surprising moments, and so much more — Sangita is sharing it all! Catch the premiere of Love & Translation on Sunday, January 21 at 10/9c.

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Love & Translation is like no show you've ever seen before — and who better to give us the inside scoop than the host herself, Sangita Patel? Here's what she truly thinks of this original social/dating experiment from her own unique perspective!

Tell us about Love & Translation?

Get ready for a never-before-seen social experiment: can two people make a connection without the use of language? On Love & Translation, we’re testing the theory that 90% of communication is non-verbal. As host of the show, I’ll be guiding three men from America and twelve women from around the world to see if they can make a deep, lasting connection by using only their senses - sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. Getting ready for raw emotions, connections, and drama!

What did you first think when you head about the concept?

Before I become a TV personality, I used to be an engineer, and testing theories is something that’s coded into my DNA! When I first heard the idea for the show, I found it fascinating. This was such a huge departure from what I was doing previously — hosting Entertainment Tonight Canada, and HGTV’s Home to Win. Love & Translation is a completely different experience! Watching a relationship bloom, the curiosity in everyone’s eyes...seeing a connection form in real’s really amazing.

A common thing we discuss with these types of TV shows is body language: how do people communicate without actually talking? From using your hands, to eye gazing… this social experiment takes it to the next level.

To me, it was also very exciting to meet different women from all around the world!

How do you think the singles overcame the language barriers? Were you surprised by anything or anyone in particular?

As the host, I was in such a unique position to see things from an outside perspective. It was so interesting to see how the cast found other ways to communicate — from charades, using their hands a lot more, pointing at things...there was a lot of nodding even though they sometimes didn’t really understand! But throughout the experiment, relationships were forming — real connections, and some were really hot!

I was surprised by the impact of one of the experiments — who knew that gazing into each other’s eyes would have such a profound emotional impact on everyone!

Tell us about the challenges that took place? Which one do you think have the most impact on deciding a connection?

I can’t give everything away! You’ll have to watch the show to see the amazing challenges we’ve cooked up. What I can tell you is that we test all our senses, and some challenges release oxytocin and pheromones! From the host’s perspective, I can tell you that every single one of those women had a different experience while building these connections!

What do think you audiences will find most compelling about Love & Translation?

It’s going to be a wild ride of a social experiment — something we’ll certainly never forget! I really think that it will also make our viewers question how they communicate in their own day-to-day lives. I think it’s really compelling just how much can be communicated without the use of actual words.

Describe the upcoming season in 3 words?


What was your biggest takeaway from hosting this one-of-a-kind dating experience?

Over the years I’ve hosted several shows, but nothing like this. I had such a unique experience as the host, and watching the experiment unfold from an outside perspective was really incredible! I felt like everyone's mom as well — whenever the cast needed someone to talk to during the journey, they would often come to me, which was so great. I really just learned so much from this experience.

My biggest takeaway? Realizing that love is really a universal language! The people of the world have the ability to connect in such a lovely way, without needing to utter a word.


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