Loren and Alexei Share an Update on Their Family of Four

The 90 Day Fiance couple revealed what life with two under two is really like.

Lately, Team Brovarnik has experienced plenty of big life changes. Loren and Alexei welcomed their second son, Asher Noah Brovarnik, to the family on August 16, 2021. As if that wasn’t enough of a handful, their firstborn, Shai, started nursery school just days later. Here’s how the proud parents are adjusting to their new family dynamic.

"Being a family of four is not easy, but we feel really good about it," Alexei explained in the video above.

Loren added, "It’s exhausting, but it’s happening and we’re very excited."

According to the couple, Shai treats little Asher like a doll and loves to give him kisses (in the form of adorable head bumps!). So, who does the newborn look like the most? Ask both parents and you’ll get very different answers. Loren thinks Asher is starting to resembler her, while Alexei believes both boys look like him. Alexei also reflected on raising two boys under two years old.

He said, "The biggest challenge of going from one kid to two, I think, is just more work and less sleep. It’s even more stress on us, but it’s very rewarding to see them together. [Shai] is already grown up, so now we get a tiny one again. It’s great!"

Apparently, Loren and Alexei aren't the only ones who are exhausted by all of these lifestyle changes. Just as mom and dad were sharing their update, sweet little Shai took a snooze!

We’re so happy to see this new family of four thriving. Check out the video above to learn the special meaning behind baby Asher’s name!


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