Celebrate The Family Chantel With These Snacks

Just in time for your watch party, try making these snacks in celebration of the new series The Family Chantel!

Can't wait for the new series The Family Chantel? Cook up some watch party snacks inspired by some of the family’s most iconic moments.

The chicken feet! Who could forget the meal that kicked off the feud between Pedro and Chantel's families. Things were already tense after Chantel's family felt Pedro was using his new life in America to "harvest the American dollar." And when the chicken feet came out, the family took it as a sign of disrespect.

And though fans pointed out chicken feet are a delicacy in many cultures, others called it a deliberate provocation, especially since Pedro's mom and sister didn't eat them either!

Dare to try this adventurous recipe? Click here to cook your own chicken feet!

Tensions continue. After the disastrous family trip to the Dominican Republic, the relationship between the two families was even more strained. And when Pedro's sister Nicole came to visit the couple in Atlanta, the drama boiled over.

The two planned for their visitor to stay on the couch in a brand-new sleeping bag, since they lived in a small one bedroom apartment. But when Nicole refused to sleep on the couch, Chantel had enough of her demanding attitude and stormed out. She was even more furious when Pedro relented and rented Nicole a hotel.

But if you don't mind a snugly wrapped snack, try your hand at making these Food Network puff pastry treats instead!

Fight of the century. Who could forget when The Family Chantel dinner exploded in a physical confrontation? And while no one can agree on who started the fight, fans agreed it was a shame their lovely dinner was destroyed in the process.

Why not make the perfect juicy chicken wings for your Family Chantel watch party? Just don't kick the table!

Top it all off with a refreshment. When Pedro went back to the D.R. on a solo trip to get some space, his friends convinced him to throw his wedding ring in the glass and drink away.

But if you prefer a beverage without the drama, check out Food Network's watermelon and mint agua fresca! It will leave you refreshed while keeping your jewelry where it belongs.

Now that you're ready with the perfect watch party spread, tune in to the series premiere of The Family Chantel Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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