90 Day Diaries Episodes

S3 E1 3/21/22

Indecent Proposal

Kalani and Asuelu face marital problems while trying to move from Utah.
S3 E2 3/28/22

The Perfect Storm

Jovi and Yara flee to Dallas as a hurricane threatens their hometown.
S3 E3 4/4/22

Dream a Little Dream

Elizabeth and Andrei have a new house and a new business venture.
S3 E4 4/11/22

The Future's So Bright

Angela goes to California. Martine and Steven party hard at Miami Carnival.
S3 E5 4/25/22

Baby Steps

Kenny attends his grandson's birth in Florida. Steven and Olga move to NYC.
S3 E6 5/2/22

Mother of All Moms

Mike is living large after separating from Natalie.

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Indecent Proposal

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The Perfect Storm

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Baby Steps

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