Tips for Planning a Babymoon on a Budget

Here’s our guide to planning an easy, budget-friendly babymoon.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Summer, Walking, Dating, People, Women

Photo by: Pollyana Ventura

Pollyana Ventura

Planning a babymoon is a great way to connect with your partner and enjoy a relaxing vacation before your baby arrives. However, getting ready for a baby can be expensive. From diapers and furniture for their nursery to all the gear and gadgets you’ll need for your newborn, the budget for your babymoon may dwindle once you see all the price tags.

Instead of scrapping the babymoon altogether, plan one on a budget so you can still sneak in a vacay without breaking the bank. Here are seven ways to plan a budget-friendly babymoon.

1. Look for Travel Deals

If you have flexibility with your schedule and you’re willing to shop around for deals, there are plenty of websites to help you save money on your babymoon.

To find cheap flights, you’ll want to check Google Flights, Airfairwatchdog, and Kayak. If you haven’t decided on a destination just yet, head over to Scott’s Cheap Flights and sign up for the newsletter for deals on domestic and international flights.

Looking for a cruise? CruiseSheet and Travelzoo will give you the inside scoop on great deals.

When it comes to hotels, Expedia, Priceline, and are all great options for saving money.

2. Free Experiences

So you’ve snagged a great travel deal, but how can you save money once you’ve arrived? Check for free experiences like picnic spots, sightseeing, or just using the amenities that are included at the place you are staying. If you’re staying at a place with a great pool, relax by the water instead of tackling tons of excursions. In your last weeks or months of pregnancy, that's probably all you'll want to do anyway!

Ask the locals for their tips. Check with the staff at the place you are staying or chat with a server at a restaurant for their best free and inexpensive daytime and nighttime ideas.

3. All Inclusive Bookings

A great way to stick to your travel budget is to book an all-inclusive vacation. Not only will you get pampered during your trip, but you could also save a lot of money planning this type of trp. With an all-inclusive vacation, you’ll know all of the costs up front and you won’t have to keep pulling out your wallet to cover extra costs that may send you over your budget.

Check to see if there are different packages. Since you won’t be enjoying cocktails on your babymoon, there’s no need to include a drink package and you might be able to save some more money.

4. Check Out a Bed and Breakfast

Keep the costs of your babymoon down by looking for a bed and breakfast that is within driving distance. Not only will you get to explore a new area, but by driving, you won’t have the extra expense of flying. Plus, you’ll get a yummy meal included in the morning!

5. Cash in Rewards

If you own a credit card that racks up rewards for flights or hotels, you may already have a deeply discounted vacation waiting for you. Be sure to contact your credit card company to see how your rewards work and how you can maximize those points.

6. Opt for a Staycation

While it might not give the same vibe as a tropical resort, a staycation with your partner can still be pretty fabulous. However, you’ll need to get a little creative with your planning.

Plan a short road trip to a nearby town, make reservations at your favorite restaurants, and plan budget-friendly activities in and around your area. While you are out and about, keep an eye out for kid-friendly places to take your baby to when they arrive.

7. Consider Your Timing

While you’ve only got nine months to squeeze in this babymoon, you’ll want to travel during a time you are feeling well. Who wants morning sickness on the babymoon, right? You won’t want to travel too close to your due date either. That means you have just a few months for your babymoon to actually work.

Before you are sold on one destination, check to see if there is another location you can travel to that offers the same type of vacation, but at a reduced rate. This means you’ll want to avoid the most popular travel times because you’ll be paying the highest prices. Traveling somewhere off-season means you’ll find deep discounts on all parts of your trip.

Also, if you can be flexible with your travel dates — weekdays instead of a weekend — you may be able to save money on the overall trip.


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