This Mom-To-Be Spiced Up Her Maternity Photos at The Place She Craved the Most

This mamma wanted to spice up her maternity pics

January 18, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

Photo by: Kristin Johnston

Kristin Johnston

Listen, we all love a good taco and when I was pregnant, there were quite a few times that I had a craving for a spicy taco with extra guacamole. However, one mom-to-be has taken her pregnancy cravings and love of all things tacos to another level when she moved the location of her maternity shoot to a Taco Bell.

Photo by: Kristin Johnston

Kristin Johnston

Kristin Johnston's says her love for Taco Bell runs deep and that is why the fast food chain was the perfect backdrop for her maternity shoot. "I felt inspired to have my maternity shoot at one of my favorite places, a place that I can turn to anytime I get a craving or just don't have the energy to cook dinner -- a place that many of us have a fondness for in our hearts -- TACO BELL," Johnston wrote in a post on her blog, Strollers and Stilettos.

Photo by: Kristin Johnston

Kristin Johnston

Johnston, who is from Atlanta, Georgia, can be seen in her pictures smiling and posing in front of the restaurant as well as snacking on a few tasty tacos while inside and even cradling her belly while in front of the menu board. Once the pictures were online, they quickly went viral for her creative direction and her support of Taco Bell.

What inspired Johnston's to skip the regular studio photos? "I guess you could say that I wanted something a little different, something spicier -- and that showed me in my natural state." Seriously, I hope she was careful with all that spice because when you are eating for two, that spice ends up becoming horrendous indigestion. But as long as you looked fierce in the pictures, get it girl!

Johnston welcomed her little burrito earlier this month, a baby boy named him Teddy, and of course said she stopped by Taco Bell on her way home from the hospital. Keep it spicy, Mamma.

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