Study Finds that Motherhood is Equivalent of 2.5 Full-Time Jobs

Motherhood is more than a full-time job.

March 19, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

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Most days, being a mom feels like a full-time job. As any mom can tell you, this gig lasts a lot longer than the traditional 9-5. But now research has confirmed what every parent already knows - our role as Mom is actually more work than a full-time job--much more actually.

A survey, which looked at 2,000 American moms with kids ranging in ages five to 12, asked the busy Mammas to analyze and track their weekly schedules. What researches found was that the average daily start time for a mother is around 6:23 AM and ends at 8:31 PM. So the saying "A mother's work is never done," is closer to "A mother's work is about 98 hours a week." So the role of mamma is not just one full-time job but is the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs. Wow--we must have a lot of vacation time coming to us, right?

Between balancing meals for their family, making sure kids get to school and after-school activities, cleaning a house, and the other one million things a mom has to do each and every day, we are very busy ladies. So if you are working this many hours, surely you are getting plenty of breaks. Wrong--moms say they get around one hour and seven minutes per day of "me time."

Casey Lewis, who is the health and nutrition lead for the study, told Yahoo "The results of the survey highlight just how demanding the role of mom can be and the non-stop barrage of tasks it consists of." So what can we do with the results of this study? Hopefully, it helps us to manage our schedules and realize that while we are basically superheroes every day of the week, hopefully, we can find ways to get a little more time for ourselves.

While there are only 24 hours in a day and a mom has to make the most of all those hours, here's a few of our favorite busy mom hacks so you can save time during the day and maybe you can get a few more minutes added to that one hour and seven minutes of mom-me-time.

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