Parenting Win of the Week: I Spent Mother's Day in Bed ... and It's Not What You Think

When a positive test changes everything, you learn to roll with the punches.



Bristol / UK - May 04, 2021 : Adult hand with protective glove with the Test Result by Using self Rapid Test Device for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Photo by: Massimiliano Finzi

Massimiliano Finzi

On Mother’s Day, I achieved every mom’s dream — a day in bed all to myself. Except a few days prior, I tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately, I didn’t get too sick, but my biggest fear was spreading it to the rest of the family, so I steered clear for five days in the hopes that nobody else would get it. I honestly haven’t even had a cold in the past two years so even with mild symptoms, I was down for the count.

The one advice I can give is hydrate a TON. I have heard that from everyone, even those with more severe symptoms and I am hoping that made a huge difference for me!

It also taught me just how bad I am at relaxing! The first two days I was gung-ho on reading an entire book, finishing my work for the month and not wasting my time away. I watched all of my son’s baseball games on the app and even though I was "resting," I definitely wasn’t resting. As the days went on I did finally take it down a notch by watching reality TV that I don’t often indulge in and making sure my bedtime was super early.

Once I felt better though, I was really forced to slow down. Even though I am symptom free now, there is this deep fatigue that sets in (I hear it’s normal? I hope?) causing this mama who usually doesn’t skip a beat to want to nap at 3 p.m. The best way I can describe it is that feeling you have if you take some medicine that makes you sleepy and you feel like you are in that drowsy, pre-sleep feeling. I am hoping that will soon pass because now that I have re-entered full parenting responsibilities it is HARD.

But I'm trying to have the same grace with myself as my family has with me.

As we moms say, this too shall pass!


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