Parenting Win of the Week: My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

We all get a little overwhelmed sometimes.

April 04, 2022

Photo by: Haris Mustofa

Haris Mustofa

This is not the column where I proclaim any wins. Instead, it is the column where I ask you guys for help.

I saw a meme the other day that really resonated: My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open.

I decided to post this on my Instagram stories and the responses came in hot and heavy.

"Yep," "Totally," "Me!," "100%," "Me Always!!!"

You get the picture. Clearly, I am not alone in this.

I have recently started to write out a weekly calendar just for my kids. We have a google shared calendar between my husband and I, but I wanted something my kids could see visually each day.

Shout out to these Erin Condren schedule pads; they are amazing!

My kids both play sports and the spring seasons have barely begun, yet we are overwhelmed. I try to lay out all of this so I can see what we have going on and also designate who is on point for what. I am trying to get my kids in the habit of looking at the schedule and knowing what they need to get ready for the next day, whether it’s their baseball bag, a good teeth-brushing before the dentist, you get the picture.

It is not a perfect system by any means, but it is working toward the right goal.

Meanwhile, my work brain is on overload and as social events and in-person work meetings are creeping back in, I am finding myself overwhelmed and exhausted. Not to mention thinking, did I learn anything from slowing down during the pandemic?

So, I am trying to protect my peace where I can. When I sit down on Sundays to write out the calendar and meal plan, I am looking to where I can cut myself a little grace. Maybe I don’t make a full-fledged dinner on a night I have to drive my kids to ten different places. I am going to try and schedule out my workouts and a few moments during the week to walk with a friend or get a quick manicure — the perks of working for yourself!

I am also going to say no to things I don’t really want to do (when I can), and try to better schedule out my work hours.

My kids are also at the age where I can have them pick up more chores around the house, as imperfect as I know that will be.

What about you? What things are working or not working for you?


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