Goldie Hawn Confesses to Delivery Room Hijinks While Daughter Kate Hudson Gave Birth

Goldie takes her Grandma duties very seriously!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Choosing who will be in the delivery room while you give birth is a deeply personal decision. You are the one having contractions and doing all the work, so hopefully everyone else in the room is taking turns running for ice chips and giving you back rubs. Unfortunately, this ideal wasn’t Kate Hudson’s experience while she was giving birth to her daughter Rani Rose. Hudson’s mom, Goldie Hawn, turned out to be quite the handful when it came time for her granddaughter’s birth.

On a recent episode of “The Ellen Show,” Goldie admitted that she wasn’t on her best behavior in the past when Kate was in labor with her now seven-year-old son Bingham. From crunching on Doritos too loudly, chowing down on Pizza Hut in the delivery room and asking a laboring Kate to smell a lotus flower, Goldie knew she overstepped her boundaries. Even in between contractions Kate had to lean into her mom and say, “Mom, shut up.”

So when Kate was nearing her due date with Rani Rose, Goldie knew she better ask if Kate still wanted her in the delivery room.

“I was careful, and I said, 'Would it be O.K.? Do you want me in the room?' So, I did ask permission,” said Goldie said. “See, I'm a really fair mom, aren't I? It's like, 'Honey, do you still want me?"

Kate assured her mom that she was still wanted in the delivery room but asked that Goldie leave the snacks and lotus flowers behind this time. What Kate hadn’t thought to mention was that her mom should give the doctor a little space while he did his job.

Apparently, Goldie was giving everybody a play-by-play as little Rani Rose was being born.

"Now I see the head, and I'm going, 'Oh! There's the head!’” Goldie said. “Then it went back, and [the doctor] said, 'Goldie, if you get any closer, you're going to fall in!' So, ya know, I took my cue. I didn't get much closer."

The two laughed off the delivery room tale and said they are loving every minute of doting on little Rani Rose. Kate has often said that her mom is her best friend and even if she misbehaves a bit in the delivery room, who doesn’t absolutely love Goldie Hawn?

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