5 Fall 2018 Wedding Trends

Incorporate the beauty of autumn into your special day!

September 28, 2018
By: Katie Morton

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Anyone who’s had the good fortune of witnessing heartwarming nuptials or planning their own in recent years will tell you that weddings have evolved into something that goes far beyond eternal love and happily ever after. Today’s weddings are characterized by details: style, aesthetics, and mood. Modern couples have the chance to put their own unique flourish on the union they’re entering into by personalizing every aspect of their big day.

From cake to calligraphy and everything in between, brides and grooms breathe life into their big day with each decision they make. Rather than start from scratch, it is often easier to borrow inspiration from the trends that the wedding world chooses to embrace each season. So whether you’re in the process of planning your own walk down the aisle or simply wish to keep your finger on the pulse of the wedding industry, read on for an overview of the latest trends that define the wedding circuit this fall.

1. Bridal Separates

Two-piece bridal separates expertly blend practicality and high fashion to create a bold but classy statement this fall. Bridal separates come with some advantages, including mix and match tops and bottoms to more easily customize your look. You might also gain the ability to wear pieces of your wedding ensemble after the day is done. As an added bonus, you may not even need your maid of honor to hold your dress while you use the bathroom--and if that doesn't convince you to give separates a try, I don't know what will!

2. Fresh Fruit and Leafy Greens

It’s out with the lace/burlap combo and in with the pairing of eucalyptus and seasonal fruit. Fruit and greenery can be used to design eye-catching centerpieces that bring the reception’s atmosphere to life. All manner of bright green plants can be used to brighten the tables at your venue without taking away from other small details you’ve planned.

3. Food as an Experience

Remember the days when the wedding menu simply boiled down to a choice between chicken, beef, or fish? That quick and easy process is long gone, but the replacement is infinitely more fun! Food stands and stations are a creative way to transform food from sustenance to experience.

The options are seemingly endless, with tacos, s’mores, trail mix, sushi, and even pickles featured prominently during the cocktail hour or wedding reception. Your guests will be sure to thank you for infusing your menu with variety rather than relying on the same old salmon, mashed potatoes, and asparagus of yesterday.

4. Translucent Cake

Although naked cakes have been baring it all in the front and center of the wedding world for several years now, an emerging trend this fall involves a spinoff version known as the translucent cake. Unlike its scantily clad counterpart, the translucent cake is covered in an ultra thin layer of frosting before being dressed even further with flower garnishes or a flavorful drizzle. Both naked and translucent cakes are almost (key word: almost) too beautiful to eat!

5. Minimalistic Simplicity

This last trend is a departure from the prevailing belief that wedding planning must inherently involve an intense focus on each and every small detail of the day. The shift toward minimalism in venue, decor, and even attire helps remind us of the true purpose of the wedding ceremony: to celebrate the commitment two people have made to each other. Minimalist design is beautiful and powerful in its simplicity, and it may be the gentle nudge we need to remind ourselves that marriage is about forever, not just a single day.

If you find yourself neck deep in wedding plans and grasping around for a helping hand, consider using these trends as a jumping off point from which you can fashion a ceremony and reception that are equal parts trendy and unique. Given that weddings are a fun way to display your individuality, you truly can’t go wrong in crafting your one-of-a-kind, beautiful, blissful wedding.

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