10 Insanely Beautiful Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

These winter wedding photos will inspire you to plan your own winter ceremony and reception. Steal these gorgeous wedding ideas.

February 16, 2016
By: Katie Morton

Who says June brides get to have all the fun? Though many brides opt for warmer months, the rich colors and the possibility of sparkling snowflakes make winter weddings glamorous, sumptuous, and undeniably romantic. Here are some inspirational ideas for planning your own memorable winter wedding.

1. Take the fun outside

Just because the temperature is frosty, that doesn't mean you should stay inside for photos. Winter light and scenery is striking and branches can sparkle with frozen droplets. A fun attitude is all you need to make your outdoor winter photo session frame-worthy.

2. Snowy tablescape

Take a cue from the hues of the season when deciding on reception decor. Winter white, neutral linens and sparkling accents create a breathtaking tablescape for your guests. Calla lilies and lush orchids in tall tapered arrangements add to the elegance.

3. A blanket of magic

If you're a bride planning a winter wedding, chances are this is your favorite season. And for those who are fans of winter, what could be more magical than a twilight snowfall? Whether a blanket or a dusting, the snow is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your romantic winter wonderland.

4. The queen of hearts

For some brides, nothing says romance like a wedding on Valentine's Day. If Cupid is on your guest list, consider going with a scarlet-hued gown. Your groom's heart will skip a beat when he sees you walking down the aisle in this stunner.

5. Hearts & soles

If a red gown is too bold, consider adding scarlet accents in other ways. These ruby-hued heels aren't for the meek--but for the beautifully bold Valentine's bride, they may just be the perfect touch.

6. Cinderella entrance

While we're on the subject of Cinderella, what better way to get to the ball than in a horse-drawn carriage? This rustic chariot is the perfect entrance for the bride who wants to be a princess for a day.

7. Seasonal elements

Few things are more evocative of winter than pine boughs. A simple evergreen-and-berry garland elevates the romance of this charming arch. Deep green boxwood and berries can be added to your bouquet for a similar feel.

8. Fairy lights

Cascading sparkle lights are reminiscent of icicles. Candlelight adds a soft glow and ups the dreamy, twinkling effect for a warm feel.

9. Snowflake cupcakes

Serving cupcakes instead of cake is on trend. Guests can enjoy their own individual dessert in lieu of cake (or take one home as a favor). This snowflake-topped confection makes for the perfect treat for a winter wedding.

10. Dream gown

Since the weather will be chilly, longer sleeves will keep you beautifully warm. A feminine lace-sleeved top with a full satin ball gown skirt is perfect for a winter bride. It offers a classic silhouette that flatters many figures.

There are so many inspiring colors and themes for your winter wedding. Embrace what makes you happy, and reflects the season, for a romantic, magical event.

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