Toddlers & Tiaras Episodes

S9 E1 8/24/16

Game On!

Cambrie's Court clashes with their rival team, the Sassy Supremes.
S9 E2 8/31/16

Welcome to the Glitz Jungle!

At the Jungle Safari, Cambrie's kids are on point, but Jaimie's aren't.
S9 E3 9/7/16

The Birth Certificate

Jaimie and Cambrie prepare for a pageant run by Jaimie's mom!
S9 E4 9/14/16

The Birth Certificate Part 2

A disastrous series of events leads to an outcome that shocks everyone!
S9 E5 9/21/16

The One to Beat

Both teams think makeup man Mykel is THEIR secret weapon.
S9 E6 9/28/16

Just Hit Somebody!

At the end of the day, all three coaches end up in tears.