The Culpo Sisters Episodes

S1 E1 11/7/22

Meet the Culpos

The Culpo sisters surprise their parents, and Aurora reveals shocking news.
S1 E2 11/14/22

Indecent Proposal

Olivia enlists her mom's help for a photo shoot, and Sophia crosses a line.
S1 E3 11/21/22


Aurora has a night out with friends, while Sophia and Braxton await news.
S1 E4 11/28/22

Old Wounds

Olivia and Sophia's rivalry spikes at Aurora's first single birthday party.
S1 E5 12/5/22

The Rhode Island Rumor Mill

The girls head to Rhode Island for the opening of their family restaurant.
S1 E6 12/5/22

End of an Era

The sisters have one last epic outing, and Olivia makes a big decision.

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