Sister Wives Episodes

S18 E1 7/8/23

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Janelle, Meri and Robyn struggle as the family continues to be divided.
S18 E2 8/4/23

Thanks for Nothing

Christine and Kody struggle to keep things cordial.
S18 E3 9/7/23

Stones in Glass Houses

A talk about Christmas turns into a vicious fight between Janelle and Kody.
S18 E4 8/22/23

A Deal With the Devil

The Brown family celebrates Christmas separately once again.
S18 E5 8/22/23

When the Going Gets Tough

Janelle makes a confession to Christine about her marriage.
S18 E6 10/5/23

The Understatement of the Year

Christine hires a matchmaker, and Meri makes plans to move her business.

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Thanks for Nothing