Dr. Brad Is 'OUT and PROUD'

The My Feet Are Killing Me foot and ankle surgeon is serving inspiration this Pride Month.

Photo by: Instagram: @michaelwebbernyc

Instagram: @michaelwebbernyc

Pride Month is here and it’s time to celebrate! My Feet Are Killing Me’s Dr. Brad is taking part in all the festivities, even taking to social media to share his own experiences with the world.

In his post, the foot and ankle surgeon said, "I have been OUT and PROUD after many years of trying to be someone that I was not!"

He added, "I created many boxes to keep myself in a world that I thought I needed for acceptance! Although I have been OUT for the past 10 years, I want to be visible and show people that those boxes should be torn apart because we are ALL beautiful and should be accepted as such!"

Photo by: Instagram: @doctor.bradley

Instagram: @doctor.bradley

Dr. Brad is known for changing lives and caring for others on My Feet Are Killing Me, and it’s so amazing to see him helping people in such a different way — possibly more than he’ll ever realize. He’s grateful for the opportunity to be a "VISIBLE and hopefully a POSITIVE LIGHT in my #lgbtq community!"

Happy Pride Month, Dr. Brad!


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