My Feet Are Killing Me Episodes

S4 E1 5/4/22

My Thumb Is a Toe!

Dr. Sarah shakes the hand of a man with a big toe for a thumb.
S4 E2 5/12/22

Hammerhead Foot

Dr. Brad sees a man with a foot shaped like a hammerhead shark.
S4 E3 5/18/22

A Smell From Hell

Dr. Ebonie helps a woman who hasn't seen her foot in almost two years.
S4 E4 5/26/22

Monstrous Mystery Growth

Dr. Ebonie needs to solve a monstrous mystery growing on a man's foot.
S4 E5 6/1/22

Horse Heels

A desperate woman wraps her feet in the medical tape used on horses.
S4 E6 5/19/22

Fix My Twisty Toes!

A woman who has had 25 failed surgeries hopes Dr. Ebonie can help.

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My Thumb Is a Toe!

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Supersized: Hammerhead Foot

Mon 12/18 @ 5AM | 4C

Looks Like Parmesan Cheese!

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