1 Season

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean Episodes

S1 E1

Tropic Like It's Hot

Aryanna vacationed in paradise but came home with a lifelong commitment.
S1 E2

Sex on the Beach

Mark and Key have a passionate reunion and reminisce about old times.
S1 E3 11/29/21

Meet the Family

Aryanna's family pushes Sherlon to commit to her and their baby.
S1 E4 12/6/21


Worried about Key's past, Mark delivers an ultimatum.
S1 E5 12/13/21

Never Have I Ever

Martine confronts Steven about a suspicious text.
S1 E6 12/20/21

Heartbeats and Heartbreaks

Amber and Daniel ride ATVs to a waterfall with the hope of reconciling.

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