The Heartwarming Story Behind Stacey's Wedding Dress

Here's how the Silva twins' gorgeous bridal and maid-of-honor gowns came to be — and how Florian first discovered their dream designer!

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Photo by: Jennifer Hathaway/True Photography

Jennifer Hathaway/True Photography

We watched Stacey and Florian plan their wedding all throughout this season of Darcey & Stacey, but what we didn’t see was the touching story behind Stacey’s gown. It all started when Florian saw a few fabulous dresses by designer Katerina Bocci, and he just knew their glamorous style would be perfect for his bride. Katerina gave us the inside scoop on how everything went down.

Your dresses first caught Florian’s eye at a photography studio. When you two first connected, what did he say he liked most about your designs?

Yes! This is such a crazy story. Florian saw my dresses at my friend Fadil Berisha’s studio in New York. I believe Florian was there modeling. Earlier that week, Fadil was doing a photoshoot with Miss Albanian, Ina Dajci, and asked me to send some gowns, which were still there hanging on a rack. (Fadil is also Albanian and we Albanian-Americans love to support each other!)

Florian is very artistic and used to build custom furniture with his father in Albania. He told me he was drawn to the dresses because Stacey was still looking. Florian looked through the gowns and said he loved the shape and quality. As a craftsman himself, he had great appreciation for the fabrics. He looked up my label on Instagram. Fadil said, “You know what, Katerina is Albanian, too.” We began the conversation; he showed Stacey pictures of the gowns, and she was in awe. She couldn’t find anything shopping at stores, so it was destiny we would work together on a custom gown. We met and the rest is history!

Photo by: Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

Stacey and Darcey’s dresses are gorgeous! How would you describe each gown and why they were a good fit for the ladies?

Thank you! Stacey’s gown has a bit of everything. It’s haute couture, romantic, Avant garde, traditional, yet also sexy because we designed it with two different silhouettes. Her first look had a detachable white skirt that gave her a very princess, timeless, more traditional bridal look for the ceremony. She changed the look by removing the skirt and veil for the reception, revealing a fitted gown beneath. This gave her a completely different look, without changing dresses. We chose silk for the gown which flowed beautifully over her curves. The nude underlay showcased the intricate handsewn Swarovski stones, so she looked glamorous, sexy, and dazzling with all that sparkle. We incorporated our signature, delicate shoulder strap which gave the gown an Avant garde look. Stacey was the most beautiful bride!

Photo by: Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

Our design process began after Stacey and I discussed the dress she had been dreaming about. I sent her several pictures and a few sketches, and we found her look. From there, Stacey gave me the creative liberty to do exactly what I felt would look best on her. She was an artist’s dream to work with.

Darcey said we are twins, so I must use the same designer! We decided to go with a sexy fit for Darcey, which she loves. She has beautiful legs, so we created a high slit up one leg. We used a gorgeous silk crepe in a subtle color, handsewn Swarovski crystals, and hand-embroidered appliques. Her gown was a couture evening gown, fit for a maid-of-honor. Glamourous, perfectly fit to her body. She was stunning! Her look very much complimented Stacey’s glamorous gown.

Darcey and I met at a restaurant in Miami for dinner and drinks. She began describing her dream dress. I grabbed a napkin because it was the only thing I could find to write on, so I started sketching. She said, "That’s it. That’s my dress."

Photo by: Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

What was your favorite part of working with Stacey and Florian for their wedding?

It was fun! They have so much great energy. Everyone loves Stacey and Darcey because they are so real, kind, and funny. Florian is also hilarious! It was easy for me to see because we can joke together speaking Albanian. He is very wise, too. We really clicked and will forever be friends.

Also, Stacey and Darcey gave me the liberty to use my creativity. Freedom! I interview my brides to find who they are, what their personality is like and ask them to describe the dress of their dreams. I love it when a bride allows me the freedom to make that dream come true, always respecting her and her wishes. Darcey and Stacey were this way — my dream come true!

Photo by: Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

Courtesy of the Katerina Bocci

Did your Albanian connection make this process feel extra special?

It was special. Florian and I relate on so many things, coming from the same country. We share our culture, language, and dealing with communism. We both had to assimilate to a new country, learning the language and culture. It takes time to understand what people are saying and how to respond. You’re always processing at the beginning. We also share a very strong faith and would pray together. He is very wise and mature for his age. A great man!


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