90 Day Fiance Episodes

S10 E1 10/8/23

Dearly Beloved

Ashley's witchy spells can't stop her panic attack about Manuel's arrival.
S10 E2 10/15/23

We Are Gathered Here Today

Rob dances his way into Sophie's heart, and Jasmine and Gino reunite.
S10 E3 10/20/23

To Witness the Beginning

Gino learns about Jasmine's butt implants, and Rob's past haunts Sophie.
S10 E4 11/3/23

Of These Two Lovers

Sophie jeopardizes her engagement, and Nick prepares Devin for his family.
S10 E5 11/5/23

Committed in Matrimony

Clayton's mom lives in his closet, while Devin and Nick reunite in Korea.
S10 E6 11/10/23

If Anyone Objects

Nikki overshares with friends, and Ashley worries about Manuel's secrets.

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