This Wife Made Her Teacher Husband a Hilarious ‘1,080th Day Of School’ Sign

This is too good.

September 10, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

If you don't snap a picture of your child holding a "first day of school" sign and post it to social media, did your kid really go back to school? Judging by my timeline--the answer is no. However, I have to admit, all of those first day of school pictures really make me happy. But it's not just students who are starting a new school year. Teachers, who have been prepping for weeks, are headed back to the hustle and bustle of the classroom. So not to be left out, one hilarious wife made a back to school sign for her teacher husband, and I can't decide which I love more--his reaction in the picture or his wife's sign making skills.

Marking his 1,080th day of teaching, Tyrelle Lee posed with his own back to school sign, which his wife shared on Facebook. In the picture, Tyrelle is giving one of those looks that husbands often send our way when we've wrangled them into something ridiculous but they go with it any way. Yeah, you know that look. But thanks to the sign, we learn a lot about Tyrelle like his favorite color, age, and a few of his favorite things--football, chicken wings, and Van shoes.

"My husband is a pretty laid-back guy, so when I told him I wanted to take a 'first day of school' photo of him this year, he didn't ask too many questions and said 'okay'," Jennifer Lee told the website Love What Matters. "Little did he know, I was preparing a special sign for him as well. When it came time for the picture he wasn't super excited (as you can see) but he did it for me anyway (now that's love!)."

The photo has already been shared over 36 thousand times and Lees are receiving tons of messages from teachers all over the world saying how much they loved the photo, especially the part of the sign that read "I can't believe my Wife made me do this."

"Too often teachers don't get the recognition they deserve and I'm so glad that so many teachers have enjoyed the picture and shared it with their colleagues," Jennifer said. "We have gotten messages from teachers as far as Bangladesh!"

Hopefully Tyrelle and his students are settling in nicely this school year, and I'll definitely keep a look out for a new picture from his wife next school year.

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