This School Asked Kids to Choose a Career But Then Banned These 3 Jobs as Options

See which careers were on the do not choose list.

January 24, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

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Schools usually hold career days as a way to introduce students to different jobs they can pursue once they graduate. However, one British school is causing quite the debate by sending home a note to parents that lists several jobs their children are not allowed to choose for the schools' career day. Any guess what jobs are on the list?

While a teacher, doctor or lawyer seem to have the OK from school administration, the note included three career students were not allowed to dress up as for their "My World of Work Day": professional athlete, pop star, and YouTuber. The school's reason for putting these jobs on the no-no list "These are great ambitions but so hard to achieve! Because of this, on this occasion we're not allowing these dress-up choices - instead, we'd like children to think of their 'Plan B' choices for future jobs."

Criticism of the list started when two-time Olympic medal winner Jack Green tweeted a photo of the letter, along with the caption: "Have a read of the 'Special Note' and then ignore it and let your children aspire to be whatever they want to be. Thanks mum and some of my teachers for supporting my aspirations when I was young."

After some Twitter users were critical of Green's tweet he responded with a clarification. "My post does not condemn the idea of a plan B. It's definitely a necessity and we must encourage a good education," Green wrote. "But the issue here is not letting some children dream and aim high because it's 'so hard to achieve. Should we not encourage the plan A and then educate and increase awareness of the journey it requires. Once you encourage that person you then create plan B, C, D and so on?"

So was limiting the types of careers children could choose for their career day helpful or harmful? Parents at the school have a mixed reaction and the internet feels the same way.

The school was quick to respond to the backlash by releasing the following statement "The reason we have asked children to think about these alternative options is to help us have a really wide range of occupations 'on show' so that children can see as many as we can achieve of all the possibilities out there," head teacher Jenny Whymark wrote. "It also encourages them to consider other options for their future alongside their ideal job. I appreciate that the wording on the school flyer didn't communicate this as well as it might have to parents."

We want to know your opinions on this subject. Tell us in the comments if the school has the right to limit what children choose for a career day or is their plan of realistic jobs something kids need to learn.

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