Rejoice: Breastfeeding In Public Is FINALLY Legal In All 50 States

Woop! Breastfeeding is legal in all 50 states!

July 27, 2018
By: Mel Owens

Yup that's right, it's finally legal in all 50 states to nourish your baby whenever and wherever you need to after Utah and Idaho passed laws making the practice of breastfeeding in public totally OK. Now this begs the question "will women still get shamed for it?" Sadly I believe the answer to that is yes, because some people will take offense to feeding your baby. To the haters you can now just smile and wave, because it's the law.

Breastfeeding being illegal meant that in Utah and Idaho mothers could receive public indecency charges and fines for breastfeeding in public. Just last week 2 women were reported to the police for breastfeeding in a public pool, which led moms to stage a "nurse-in" protest.

As the law was being passed in Utah Curt Webb, a (male) Republican Representative was quoted in the Salt Late Tribune saying: "This seems to say that you don't have to cover up at all. I'm not comfortable with that, I'm just not. It's really in your face." The fact of the mater is that they are just trying to feed and take care of their baby. Idaho attempted to pass the law 15 years ago, but an Idaho Statesman reported that it didn't get passed because male legislators feared they'd just "whip it our and do it anywhere." But this go around yielded a unanimous vote from the house and the senate in Idaho. Way to go Idaho!

According to USA Today, at Idaho's last hold out on the bill Republican Representative Paul Amador was quoted saying the following:
"Personally, I find it disappointing that we're in 2018 and we still haven't passed this law in Idaho. I think we can take a proactive stance here through legislation to promote the natural bond and health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child. I also believe the health and nutritional choices of our families are best left as decisions for our families, not our government."


Now there may of course be some people that are not OK with this new law, and some who believe it should be done more modestly; but what I would encourage is no-mom shaming. Everyone does what they think is best and what works for them and their lifestyle, so let's be there for one another rather than tear one another apart.

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