Parenting Win of the Week: The Cooling Towel

Here's a simple way to beat that summer heat.

July 01, 2022
The face of little caucasian athlete after training, close-up portrait. Little girl wiping with a shammy, a chamois towel for diversport


The face of little caucasian athlete after training, close-up portrait. Little girl wiping with a shammy, a chamois towel for diversport

Photo by: Elena Degano

Elena Degano

Summer here has been busy and super hot. When I was a kid, temperatures in the 90s were reserved for late August, not June! But we have had quite a few 90-degree days and with camp and baseball, that still requires quite a bit of outside time.

Last weekend we ventured off on our first travel baseball tournament, and you guessed it — temperatures were in the 90s all weekend with a slate of FOUR outdoor games. So, I did what any parent would do...I went on Amazon and literally bought anything that said "cooling." Water bottles that sprayed mist, mini rechargeable fans, and the best yet: cooling towels! Now, cooling towels aren’t a new product. In fact, any travel baseball or soccer parents are probably laughing that I just discovered these. But for those of you who don’t know, these towels are a game changer and not just for sports!

Essentially, there is something magic in these towels that makes them turn cold just by dipping them in water (and you can reactivate them the same way). You put them around your neck and all of a sudden your body temperature goes from inferno levels to baseline, and even a little cool. We filled a cooler with ice and water to keep them extra cold since we stayed outside for hours, but regular water works just fine as well.

All of the players kept them around their necks and so did all of us in the stands. At around $6 a towel, it’s hard to resist having one around for the beach, pool, or sports. It certainly kept anyone from melting down because of the heat, and I consider that alone to be a parenting win!

Heck, I may even use mine this weekend for the 4th of July.


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