Move Halloween to Saturday? A Petition by Parents Says Halloween Should Happen the Last Saturday in October

Should Halloween be on the 31 of October or should it always happen on a Saturday?

October 30, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

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Halloween is all about fun-filled parties, parades, and trick or treating for kids. In our home, October 31 is a date on the calendar that my kids count down to each year. However, some parents are hoping a new online movement could change the date of Halloween so that all the boos and candy grabbing can happen on the weekend. Since I'll be up for hours tonight prepping for Halloween parties tomorrow--personally I'm a fan of this idea.

A petition called The Saturday Halloween Movement has been gaining momentum online at The petition has already gained thirty-one thousand signatures and caused quite a stir online. While some parents are fans--others aren't sold on the idea. According to the writers of the petition, moving Halloween to a Saturday would mean longer and safer celebrations for kids and parents.

Since Halloween in on a weekday this year, lots of parents will be taking off of work early to attend class parties or feeling the guilt if taking off is not an option. Is there anything worse than mom guilt? Then there is trick-or-treating at night, which means rushing home from work, rushing kids out the door, and rushing kids off to bed because they have school in the morning and you have to get back to work. The next day, everyone is over-tired and over-sugared and it can lead to meltdowns and extra stress on everyone.

So the creators of the Saturday Halloween Movement think there is an easy fix, move Halloween to the last Saturday in October so that rather than rush the fun--you and your kids can enjoy every last minute. And if there is a Halloween fun hangover happening in your house--everyone can stay in their pajamas on Sunday to recover and eat candy.

Getting a chance to sleep in the next day isn't the only reason for moving Halloween. Petitioners add that having Halloween on a Saturday means the fun can start early so little ghosts and goblins no longer have to trick or treat in the dark. That means kids are safer while they fill up those bags of candy.

While some towns are jumping on this idea, it's not happening everywhere just yet. We want to know what you think! Do you love or hate the idea of moving Halloween to the last Saturday in October!?

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