No Snow? Here Are Five Ways to Have Snow Fun Indoors

Have a snow day any day.

Back view of small group of children enjoying winter holidays, looking through the window.


Back view of small group of children enjoying winter holidays, looking through the window.

Photo by: SanyaSM


By: Amanda Mushro

For kids, snow days are pretty exciting. They’re the promise of a day filled with playing in the snow, tossing a few snowballs, and making the coolest snowman around—only to wrap up the daily escapades with an amazing cup of hot cocoa. So, what do you do if there’s no snow in the forecast where you live? Well, you can have your own snow day inside with a little creativity and some DIY.

Here are five ways to have a snow day indoors. Bonus: No one will have cold fingers or noses.

1. 2-Ingredient Snow: If the weather outside isn’t snow day worthy, all you’ll need are baking soda and shaving cream to make soft, fluffy snow that your kids can play with inside or outside. Just mix together and place the snow on a baking sheet or in a large bowl. No gloves and hats required for this snow day! Get the full directions here.

2. Snowball Fight: Have a snowball fight inside without making a snowy mess with these DIY snowballs. In just a few minutes, you can have a pile of snowballs that your kids can toss, juggle, and stack. To make these soft and fluffy snowballs, you’ll need yarn, cardboard, and scissors. It’s the perfect non-snow day craft. You’ll find the step-by-step directions here.

3. Melting Snowman: If you’ve got packing peanuts laying around, don’t throw them out. This melting snowman activity is perfect for a snow day indoors and a great STEM activity too. Grab some markers and let your kids turn the peanuts into tiny snowmen. Draw on a snowman face, a scarf, and buttons. Then, place the snowmen in a bowl and add liquids like water, vinegar, and even milk to see which liquids melt the mini snowman. You can even change the temperatures to see if that melts the snowmen faster.

4. Winter Sensory Bin: This one is perfect for your little ones and is a great fine motor and sensory activity. Start by creating a winter sensory bin by filling a container with lots of cotton balls or craft pom poms. Then, add items like paper or felt snowflakes and snowmen. Finally, your kids can play in the sensory by picking up the “snow balls” and placing them in other containers or using large spoons or shovels to play in the snow.

5. Melted Snowman Sensory Bin: Making a snowman outside is a snow day treat, but playing with a melted snowman indoors can be just as fun. This one can get a little messy, so be sure to set this up somewhere that is easy to clean. Grab a large bin and a few cans of white shaving cream. You’ll want to fill the bin with shaving cream and items to make the snowman. Think construction paper for a foam hat, ping pong balls for eyes, and a few buttons. Mix them all together and let your kids squish and play with this sensory activity.

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