Like Mother, Like Daughter. Watch sMothered on TLC!

Meet four closer-than-close mothers and daughters on TLC’s mom-umental new series, premiering June 9th at 10/9c!

Think you and your mom are close? Think again! See just how close mothers and daughters can get on TLC’s newest series, sMothered. Premiering Sunday, June 9th at 10/9c, sMothered follows four mother/daughter duos who take their relationship to the extreme.

You know the clichés: the protective mom, the bff mom, the “cool” mom—but from dressing alike, to posing for nude photoshoots, or even sharing bath water, these mother-daughter pairs are raising the bar…and raising eyebrows!

But that closeness can come with a price when siblings and spouses feel left out and left behind. And with major life changes on the horizon, these twosomes must face the reality that their tighter-than-tight relationship could be threatened—and they’re not going down without a fight.

Be the third wheel on sMothered and get to know and love these vivacious twosomes, and explore their uncanny but undeniable bonds.

Meet the Families:

Dawn (59) and Cher (27)
Dawn and Cher act more like twins than mother and daughter. They look, speak, and act alike, and they both married Jewish doctors in their early twenties! When Cher reveals that she has a baby on the way, Dawn struggles to maintain her place in her daughter’s life.

Sunhe (50) and Angelica (30)
Not only do Sunhe and Angelica share a bank account—they often share the same bath water! Sunhe has never lived without her daughter, and her life is sent into a tailspin when Angelica wants to take things with her boyfriend to the next level.

Kathy (59) and Cristina (33)
Kathy is a constant presence in Cristina’s life and often acts as a co-parent to her grandchildren—but Cristina’s husband and in-laws feel that Kathy is overstepping her boundaries, sparking a family feud.

Sandra (44) and Mariah (20)
Sandra and Mariah are BFFs who do everything together, including getting plastic surgery. Mariah’s desire for her mother to have more fun in life causes Sandra to push the limits of what some see as acceptable behavior for a mother.

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