Actress Josie Totah Says Jazz Jennings Inspired her to Come Out as Transgender

Jazz responds to the news in the sweetest way!

August 21, 2018
By: TLCme

In an article written for TIME, actress Josie Totah, known for her roles in Champions and Other People, came out as transgender. She cited watching TLC's I Am Jazz and Jazz Jennings as a defining moment of clarity in this personal journey.

"I always knew on some level that I was female. But it crystallized about three years ago when I was a 14-year-old watching the show I Am Jazz with my mother," she said.

"As I learned more information about hormone replacement therapy, I knew that this was what I had to do. I looked over at her in the middle of the show and said, 'This is me. I'm transgender. And I need to go through this.' My mother, who is immensely supportive and gracious, said, 'Okay, let's do it.' Three days later I was meeting with my pediatrician, who referred me to a specialist, who put me on a hormone blocker. From that point on, I hit the ground running."

After learning of her impact on Josie's self-discovery, Jazz exclaimed, "I am so happy for Josie! My family shares our story on TLC's, I Am Jazz, so that our lives can resonate with others and inspire them to express who they are authentically. Knowing that people like Josie are positively impacted by my family's story shows that we've accomplished our goal of helping others and it just warms my heart to see others being true to themselves."

We love all this women supporting women happening here! See the show that changed Josie's life forever, and binge every episode of I Am Jazz on TLC GO!

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