Healthy Swaps for Everyone's Favorite Food: Bacon

By: Kristine Boyd

Everyone loves bacon. It is salty, savory, and arguably good on everything. No matter what shape, size, or form it is in, it somehow always manages to be delicious. However, it is no secret that bacon doesn’t exactly have the nutritional value of kale. It is definitely one of those foods that you need to eat sparingly. Or do you? Today we are talking about healthy swaps for bacon, so you can eat it every day!

Tempeh Bacon

Before you ride off bacon made from soy beans, hear us out. When you combine salty and savory flavors together and infuse them into something, it can be quite convincing. Tempeh is like a sponge for flavor and allows you to get the taste and feel of bacon without the harmful effects.

Turkey Bacon

This is a slightly healthier option from your average pork bacon. It contains a lot less fat and harmful ingredients than your average bacon. You can also go one step further and buy the low sodium version for an even better alternative!

Uncured Bacon

If you’re buying bacon, always buy it uncured. This means much less preservative and less harsh chemicals in the bacon itself. The flavor is not different from a normal slab of cured bacon and it is truly identical in flavor.


It may sound weird to think of mushrooms as a replacement for bacon, but it makes sense. Mushrooms have a meaty quality to them which is why they are a staple in many vegetarian diets. They absorb virtually any flavor that you introduce to them to, making them a great candidate for bacon substitution!


No bacon bits need, coconuts are here! Coconut flakes marinated in salty, savory goodness are going to become your new favorite topping for salads, potatoes, nachos, and so much more! Coconut bacon bits are seen a wide range of vegan meals and have proven to be one of the best bacon substitutes we know of!

It is possible to eat all of the foods you love while also staying healthy. It is so important to find the right balance for you and your family! These swaps are a great way to introduce healthy options into your life. For more healthy food tips click here!

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