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S7 E1 3/14/23

Karma Carmela Chameleon

Rosanna must choose between her Amish boyfriend or the English life.
S7 E2 3/21/23

Daniel, My Brother

Johnny panics at an English nightclub, and Sabrina has a medical scare.
S7 E3 3/28/23

Fannie, Are You OK?

Jethro returns, and Fannie flees to Florida when she faces being shunned.
S7 E4 4/4/23

Come On, Maureen

Rosanna's brother furiously accuses Ada of eroding Amish values.
S7 E5 4/11/23

Meet You All the Way

Rosanna desperately tries to persuade Johnny to stay in the English world.
S7 E6 4/18/23

Smooth Oper-Ada

Daniel brings home an English girl, and Ada makes a sudden announcement.