My 600-lb Life Episodes

S10 E1 5/16/21

Nathan's Journey

Nathan gets a wake-up call when his weight keeps him from his teaching job.
S10 E2 11/10/21

Julian's Journey

Julian must overcome his food addiction to enjoy a long life with his wife.
S10 E3 11/17/21

Bianca's Journey

Bianca's plans for a second weight-loss surgery are in jeopardy.
S10 E4 11/24/21

Mike's Journey

Former athlete Mike hopes weight loss helps him find a new purpose in life.
S10 E5 12/1/21

Lacey's Journey

Lacey struggles with her weight and her new love's interfering sister.
S10 E6 5/9/21

Paul's Journey

At 700 pounds, Paul is torn between his health and his relationship.

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