My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? Episodes

S9 E1 5/1/24

Nathan and Amber

Nathan is shedding pounds, but wife Amber can't seem to do the same.
S9 E2 5/9/24

Ontreon & Wess

Ontreon hopes that surgery can make him a better husband to his wife Musa.
S9 E3 5/15/24

Julian and Cindy

Julian adopts a baby, but fatherhood may distract him from his goals.
S9 E4 5/22/24

David & Syreeta

Surgery might be the break David has been waiting for his whole life.
S9 E5 5/29/24

Margaret & Megan

Dr. Now is dismayed when Margaret goes back to her old ways after surgery.
S9 E6 6/6/24

Seana & J.T.

Seana's mind is ready, but her body still has a conflict with the scale.

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Supersized: Seana & J.T.

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