7 Seasons

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? Episodes

S7 E1 3/31/21

Maja and Justin

Maja struggles to get approval for surgery. Justin may be an ideal patient.
S7 E2 4/7/21

Brianne and Annjeanette

Brianne gains independence. Annjeanette chooses love over health.
S7 E3 4/14/21

Angie J: Part 1

Angie struggles with her weight loss as her marriage and health suffer.
S7 E4 4/21/21

Angie J: Part 2

Angie must agree to drub rehab in order to remain in Dr. Now's program.
S7 E5 4/28/21

Jeanne and Brandon

Jeanne struggles to care for herself. Brandon has plans to propose.
S7 E6 5/5/21

Cillas and Tiffany

Cillas thinks of his children. Tiffany deals with financial hardships.

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