90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Episodes

S4 E1 4/22/24

Check Your Baggage

Shawn fell in love with Douglas, but now his boyfriend lives as a woman.
S4 E2 4/29/24

We're Experiencing Turbulence

Shawn sees Alliya for the first time since she began living as a woman.
S4 E3 5/11/24

The Mile High Club

Shawn is unsure whether Alliya is still the person he fell in love with.
S4 E4 6/8/24

A Rough Landing

Luke reveals to Madelein that he's not moving to Colombia.
S4 E5 5/20/24

A Wake-Up Call

Tensions flare between Luke and Madelein when he brings up a prenup.
S4 E6 5/27/24

Sightseeing the Truth

Alex meets Adriano's mother, and Kyle gets an STD test.

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