Little People, Big World Episodes

S25 E1 2/13/24

Sitting on a Knife's Edge

The family rallies around Zach as he suffers a major medical crisis.
S25 E2 2/21/24

Get Your Girlfriends Straight

Matt invites Chris to hang with his friends, and no topic is off-limits.
S25 E3 2/28/24

We'll Do It My Way

Zach's parenting skills are tested when Tori goes on a girls' trip.
S25 E4 3/6/24

A Complete and Total Surprise

Amy reacts to Matt's new house build, and Matt has a surprise for Caryn.
S25 E5 3/13/24

Let's See the Ring

Matt and Caryn's engagement news is out, and Amy and Chris host dinner.
S25 E6 3/20/24

This Will Be a Disaster

Amy faces the challenges of being in charge for the big charity event.