I Am Jazz Episodes

S8 E1 1/17/23

A Night at the Selfie Museum

Jeanette keeps a sharp eye on Jazz as she struggles after returning home.
S8 E2 1/31/23

Mommy Dearest

Transphobia and dating woes undermine Jazz's desire for independence.
S8 E3 2/7/23

Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Nerves get the best of Jazz during a date when a dance lesson goes awry.
S8 E4 2/14/23

Clavicles Are the New Black

Jazz faces the staggering question of whether she's asexual.
S8 E5 2/21/23


Jazz and Yash conclude their first date but land on different pages.
S8 E6 2/28/23

Back to School

Jazz heads back to Cambridge and meets her newest crush: a woman!

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